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Co-Dependency and

Posted on 5 November, 2016 at 16:05

Co-dependency can serve as an alternate addiction or distraction. People that are co-dependent may use relationships to try to deal with depression or anxiety. In the long run, co-dependency is self-defeating, since the few things that cannot be controlled is the will of another person or the environment around us and how things work out. As mentioned in previous blog's, co-dependency in a relationship is when one person identifies their worth based on someone else. Many times, the codependent person chooses relationships where the other person needs to be rescued and this creates a dependency to want to fix/control the other person. Over time, a co-dependent relationship becomes increasably defined by the identification with the other person. If there is a period apart from the target or they cannot control the target, the co-dependent experiences extreme anxiety and/or depression. For the co-dependent, the relationship takes the place of self-love. Despite the negative consequences of depression, anxiety, anger, resentment, loss of other friends, physical stress, and poor job performances, a co-dependent cannot let go of this attachment to the target.

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