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What is Abuse?

Posted on 4 December, 2016 at 13:40

Abuse is about control of another person or group. Abuse can come from an individual or from a group of people. It is to control an individual or group subtly or directly, against their will. Abuse can be verbal, emotional, sexual, physical, financial, and spiritual. Many times, we hear about domestic violence or assault of a person and that is considered overt aggression (physical, sexual, financial, verbal) because it can be seen or heard. However, for example, over 80% of domestic violence is emotional abuse, which is covert aggression. Emotional, financial, and spiritual abuse can happen subtly and can be easily missed by most people, except for the victim or victims that have experienced this form of abuse. Many times, victims do not realize they are being manipulated or abused because of their brokenness or from wounds of their past. Innocent individuals or groups can be recruited by toxic people or a group, because of being told half-truths, to manipulate them, and they are unaware that they are helping the toxic person or group abuse the targeted victim or group. Many times, when a toxic person or group cannot control the victim or group using covert aggression (emotional, subtle financial, and spiritual abuse), control can escalate to overt aggression (verbal, sexual, financial, physical abuse) to try to control. However, other times it is the opposite order or a combination of overt and covert aggression. The courts recognize physical and financial abuse; however, most victims suffer ongoing trauma from verbal, emotional, sexual, spiritual, and subtle financial abuse until they can break free from the control of the toxic person or group and develop self-respect. This can be dangerous for the victim, because a toxic person or group are wounded and fixated, and feels they need the victim to feel whole and losing the victim is losing what they think completes them. Many times toxic people can be people in high level positions, and they have power, money, status, and can easily hide behind a social mask.

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