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Okay what do I look for?

Posted on 18 December, 2016 at 16:00

When toxic people do something that is wrong or hurtful they accept no blame and even blame others. Toxic people are willing to hurt anybody whenever it is necessary to help meet their objectives. Toxic people lie or tell partial truths to convince or confuse others to hurt their victims or their victims of their intent. Toxic people can dissociate from a crisis and show no emotions where others would react. Toxic people can be extremely charming, however, there are moments they must step away since they cannot maintain this character for a long period, and then they become cold, distant, and lack genuineness. Toxic people can be of extreme intelligence and they can use this intelligence to get ahead of their victims to plan strategies to manipulate and hurt their victims on their own or with the help of their team of other toxic people or codependents trying to win their approval. Many of the mass murderers had high IQs. Toxic people understand a person's weaknesses and learn to exploit them. Once a person's weaknesses are identified the toxic person can do most anything they want to the targets. Toxic people look for insecure, sad, and overall weak people, whose needs are unmet, and avoid strong people since they be caught and exposed. It takes time for a toxic person to gain control over a victim, but slowly they work on ultimate control without the person realizing it. Toxic people from a distance like to prey on strong people to see if they can get away with gaining control as a game without getting caught by using pawns of unsuspecting contacts, friends, and family of the victims. Toxic people figure if they stay out of the scene the victim is confused as to where the psychological abuse strikes are coming from. If a toxic person cannot control the victim direclty, they will develop a half truth or lie so they can control how others view and act toward their victims. Toxic people have a huge ego that they are superior in many ways to others, which turns out to be false, and this superiority may be visible to the public, or it may be only visible behind the closed doors of immediate family, due to the need to protect their public image. Toxic people have difficulty holding eye contact since they are afraid of empathy, however if they feel like they are undetected they may coldly stare directly at their victim. Toxic people have few genuine friends. When someone has a few friends that creates a question of the reasons. Sometimes through psychological abuse the victim is isolated to make it look like they have no friends or family that they can count on to control the victim. Usually a toxic person will have people hanging around them that are used as supporters and admirers of the toxic person and benefit it some way of associating with the toxic person in status and or monetarily and the toxic person uses this to control them. Many toxic people will move extremely fast to secure relationships before the victim has a chance to think through what just happened, they will wear a mask that fits the victim’s unmet needs to make them look like a perfect match. Then they start to isolate the victims by playing the victim with the victim's friends and family so the victim sides with the toxic person over their friends and family because they feel they have found their soulmate, based on the mask the toxic person is wearing. Baiting is something toxic people use to get their victim to react. The purposely annoy their victims for fun to show others how unstable they are or exploy their weaknesses to show how powerful they are.  Bait and switch is also used with a victim where the toxic person will fake the need for assistance only to make fun of and shame the vicitm who assists them. Also, many times toxic people with use a sad story to get the victim to feel sorry for the toxic person then the toxic person makes fun of how easy it was to get the victim to want to help with a fake story.  Toxic people can be violent since they have no empathy toward others and don't care who they hurt or use.

Categories: Abuse